Rammed Earth wall systems


Insulated rammed earth walls

Insulated earth walls range from 400mm to 450mm thick. They can be built with a either 50mm, 75mm or 100mm  Styrofoam core in the middle of the wall that achieve up to  an R-value of 4.3.  Insulted rammed Earth walls are great for areas of a house that get shading in winter,  for more extreme winter conditions a 450mm thick wall is the way to go.  Our  insulated system  can feature no thermal bridging around windows and insulated lintels.

We can supply rammed earth engineering drawings for insulated stabilised rammed earth walls and lintels.


 Standard  rammed earth walls

Are generally 300mm thick, providing great thermal mass used for both internal and external walls. They have great soundproofing quality and work great in areas that get sun all year round.

As a person that has lived in two rammed earth houses for the past 25 years,  both non-insulated and insulated houses, I personally  believe that north facing walls that get plenty of sun in winter are fine using standard  non-insulated 300mm thick walls. They heat up during the day slowly release the heat over night. As long as you get plenty of sun and still reach a 6 star rating 300mm thick rammed earth still perform pretty well.

We are currently building a two story rammed earth house at Scamander, which is all non insulated 300mm thick rammed earth walls and has achieved a 6 star rating.

Rammed earth insulation

Insulated Rammed earth